Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Have you heard about StyleWe?

Hello darling!
I was browsing around looking for some new clothes and I've found this amazing website: StyleWe. So today's post features my top ten pieces from StyleWe!
I've choose every piece by myself, accordingly my personal taste in fashion, there are a lot of options and styles for every person.
Before I start with my top ten from StyleWe, learn mojito recipe on the blog.

Are you ready? Grab your mojito and let's start with my top ten!


 The first one is this amazing backpack. I love the cat ears detail in gold, which creates a great contrast with the black color. At the same time, it is very simple and minimalist, perfect for most of casual outfits. Find it here.


Cardigans are a must-have in every closet. That's why I've chosen this beautiful knitted cardigan. The color goes with black, camel and olive green. It is a great to keep you warm in fall but stylish at the same time. Find it here.



The next piece is a gray knitted sweater. Another item that is completely necessary in colder days. Looks so cosy and soft! Gray matches with most of the colors, so it is a great addition to your closet. Find it here.


I've fell in love with this coat! In colder days, most people wear darker colors, so why not adding a little fun to our outfits? The color is vibrant and it is very warm. Looks great with black outfits. Find it here.


This chunky sweater is great for casual outfits. It is cold but you still need to do some errands. Get this sweater, a pair of blue jeans, brown boots and you're done! Find it here.


This skirt really catches the eye! The different lengths make it fun, while the color and the material keep it classy. Looks great with a blouse. Find it here.


These trousers are the best when you want to jazz your outfit. They look great with a long camisole or a chunky sweater. The pattern is very retro, why don't you try some oxfords with them? Find it here.


Who does not like a nice pair of jeans? StyleWe has the perfect wash and cut. Tuck some shirt in and you are ready to go out. Find it here.


This blouse is great to use with high waisted jeans or a black A-Line mini skirt. The fit is wonderful and the details are great! Looks perfect in a casual outfit. Find it here.


Last, but not the least, I've chosen this beautiful black dress. It is perfect to wear on a date or in a long walk in the city. Add a scarf and tall black boots to complete the outfit. Find it here.

My favorite category on StyleWe website was the Handbags category. There are a lot of different styles and I want them all. Choosing the Cat Ears Backpack was a challenge :) Take a look at all the options in this link.

Thank you for reading, I hope you liked this post. Leave your comments on the comments section bellow, I would love to hear your opinion!