Friday, 11 November 2016

(Outfit inspiration) Work edition

Hello darling!
Well, I'm 23 now and finishing my Master Degree. I'll start working soon and I've gathered some inspiration when it comes to work outfits. I like simple outfits with neutral colors (black and grey combo is my favorite!) and comfortable shoes without heels. People say that I should wear heels because I'm short, but I don't care, low heels for life!

This outfit looks so cosy. I like the classic touch given by the trousers and (of course) the grey/black combo.

I also like more masculine styles with a feminine touch. The button-up is perfect!

I love how the checked pants give a fun and retro twist to this outfit. The ponytail completes it perfectly.

Black and grey, should I say anything else? These kind of sneakers are also great for work.

I could not find the source for this one :( 

This is my favourite! I love everything in it. (I want hair like her so hard)

The last one is the classiest but the shoes create a statement.

What do you think? Leave you opinion in the comments zone!