Sunday, 28 December 2014

Shopping cart #2 (and x-mas gifts)

Hello cutie!

How was your Christmas? Santa was good to you? Well, I got a fantastic gift this year. Not from Santa, but from my parents. I love them!

I've always wanted a Pandora bracelet and this Christmas I finally got one.

I also got two charms: one cup of tea and one book, two of my favorite things in the world.


It's all in silver and, oh, so pretty!

It also came with a awesome jewelry box:

This was great and I'm so grateful, but my Pandora collection was only about to start.
Sales' season has started and I got this little sister for my new beautiful bracelet:

A champagne leather bracelet.


I also got this mini shopper from VAGG (I couldn't found the website, sorry):


This was a great deal. The price was about 17€ and the quality is super fine. I really needed a purse. Altough I wanted a bigger shopper, this mini shopper is going to be useful too.