Saturday, 3 December 2016

Review! Nivea Clear-up Strips

Hello darling,

I've seen these strips many times when I go shopping and yesterday I decided to bring them home so I could try them. I've always wanted to try these kind of strips to remove deeper blackheads, mainly in my nose. They cost around 5€, which is not expensive because it can be used four times on the nose and two times on chin and forehead.

Let's start with the verdict! The box is written in Portuguese and Spanish, but I'll make sure you get everything. These strips can be used in all kind of skins and are enriched by citric acid. They claim to leave the skin fresh and free of blackheads.

 In the back it recommend to use them once a week, following the instructions:
  • Moisten face with water.
  • Apply a strip. The strip is activated by water.
  • Let it dry during 10-15 minutes.
  • Remove the strip with caution. 
 Each strip must be used only once.

 Each strip is packed individually and have the instructions written on package.

So... let's take a look at the main problem: my nose. I took this picture without makeup. My camera is not that good and my freckles don't help, but I have some small blackheads all over my nose and I want them to go away.

Each strip is packaged like this one. I only took picture to the one I've used in my nose, but the ones that can be used on chin and forehead are triangular and came in the same plastic band.

I've moisten my nose, chin and forehead and applied the strips with dry hands. Here's a photo of me waiting for them to dry (10-15 minutes). The nose strip covers the nose very well, but I wish that the forehead strip was bigger.

First I removed the forehead strip. I had a lot blackheads coming out, more than I expected! Here is the close-up.

Secondly I removed the chin strip. I expected more blackheads coming out with this one but it didn't ended as I wished. It was a disappointment.

Last, I've removed the nose strip. I was really looking forward this one! But I'm not that happy with the result, I wished to see more blackheads being removed.

Here's the photo of my nose after. It is difficult to see the remaining blackheads again, but overall looks nice. I still have some, but it looks better.

If I had to rate these strips, i would give them 3/5 stars. I expected more from Nivea. I'm going to use them again because I still have some left in the box, but I don't know if I'm going to buy them again. 

Have you tried some nose strips? Let me know on the comments section!