Monday, 22 December 2014

Shopping cart #1

Hello lovely.

I want to share with you my two last buyings. 

I needed a diary for the next year and I fell in love with this one:


I love the flowers and the bows, it's so cute! Let's take a look inside:


Calendar 2015/2016, bonus!
The inside is organized by weeks and there is a full page next to each week so you can write notes or anything you want.

I found this diary in Fnac at a really great price, I must say this is perfect!

The next item is...

A bunny?? Hmm, let's turn him around.

An umbrella! It's so small you can carry it inside your purse. The bag and the pattern are lovely too.

This umbrella is from MO and was at a really nice price.

I love shopping! Can't wait for Christmas so I can show you what I received.

Thank you for reading!